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You don't have to panic at the last minute. It's too late then. Urban crime & pandemics abound.  Click "Get Started Now" to get your free information pdf here. 


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We want everyone to be  prepared for all disasters and surviving off grid if necessary. Hopefully this passion shines through in the articles and emails we produce. 

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During this last pandemic it really hit home that we need to be prepared with more than just food and toilet paper in the cupboard.  What if riots & urban crime come to your neighborhood. What if a horrific  weather event hits where you live? What if all you have to rely on is the items that you have in your home and car to survive.

There are so many disaster happening around the world and in our neighborhoods that we need to not only think that we need to know how to prepare or make a plan. It is imperative that you take action. But before you take action check out the information and products that we have researched. 

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